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Platform-Supported Boiler Furnace Scaffolding and Lifting Systems

This is an innovative scaffolding system developed to upgrade the existing boiler furnace scaffolding system intended for maintenance in thermal power plants. Its strengths lie in the fact that it uses a hydraulic system to lift up the platform while at the same time being capable of installing a scaffolding system on the bottom surface, thus reducing danger in high-place work. In addition, with its structure subject to less swaying, it has excellent convenience in work, and its dispersed load distribution on the upper part enables it to prevent major accidents from occurring by a chain reaction even if there are problems with some of its members.

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Smart Pipe Management System

This is an optimized pipe management system for thermal power generation, combined with real-time status monitoring and life assessment technology. Linked from the boiler to the turbine, the system monitors even the pipe suspension device in real time such as the 3D behavior of the power generation pipe operated under high temperature/pressure, pipe temperature and the working load of the hanger, and displacement of the snubber. It is the best solution for building a related DB including drawings of the pipe and pipe suspension device and history management, and for assessing the integrity of the power generation equipment and pipe that can remotely control and monitor everything and secure their safety.

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Corrosion Tester

The KLES corrosion tester is intended to assess the primary side conditions of a pressurized light water reactor in a domestic nuclear power plant under high temperature/pressure conditions, the turbine environment of thermal power plants, the corrosive effects of salt water and those of high temperature gas. Therefore, all the components of the equipment are required to be corrosion resistant in an environment of high temperature and pressure. KLES manufactures equipment using test solutions and surface treatment of gas-circulated pumps, tanks, pipes, and test sections or by using anti-corrosive materials.

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Multiaxial Pipe Shock Absorber

This is a device that detects various types of problems arising from dynamic loads generated in and out of the power generation equipment including main equipment and pipelines, and it prevents the creation of additional thermal stress by absorbing the designed thermal movement.

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Maintenance Management

KLES is Recognized for its Technical Prowess and Know-how in Plant Maintenance. KLES has been providing good quality service to its customers based on the know-how acquired from power generation equipment maintenance, the technologies introduced by advanced manufacturers and later improved, and high-level maintenance technologies independently researched and developed for on-site application. It also provides expert maintenance service using its specialized technologies such as routine maintenance, planned/preventive maintenance, vibration diagnosis, and life assessment for industry power generation equipment, district heating, and collective energy suppliers including privately invested power plants, along with maintenance projects for new privately invested domestic power plants, with active participation in the field of equipment replacement.

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